Bringing people together for Bike Fun
in Portland, Oregon
SHIFT revels in expressing Portland’s creative bike culture through performance events and bike fun intended to highlight the positive contributions of bicycling for the community at large.

As a loose-knit and informal bunch of bike-loving folks, we ask for no membership, nor dues, only a shared passion for the bicycle in all its glory: as toy, as transportation, as a tool for social and environmental change!

SHIFT, then, is open to everyone sharing in this passion.

And where would the fun be if we weren't at least semi-organized?! Yes, SHIFT folks do plan, execute, publicize, and get involved in the celebration of bicycle events. We hope you'll be inspired to join in on the bike fun too!

Our History:
In August 2002, Portland hosted Bike Summer, a month-long celebration of bicycles and bike culture that drew more than 5,000 participants to events including bike-in movies, family rides, bike-repair workshops and more. A combination of the overwhelming Community response to the month’s activities and the strong feelings of comradery and energy among the primary Bike Summer organizers led to the formation of SHIFT [in September 2002].

Bike Summer also provided an organizational model for Shift: a central committee creates a communications infrastructure for events designed and executed by anyone in the bicycle community. You have an idea for an event? Great! We will help you get the word out. For starters, you can submit your bike event to our calendar.

Our Activities:
SHIFT also organizes events of our own. Examples of SHIFT-led activities include coffee give-ways, social rides, educational bike tours, actions to raise awareness about cyclist injuries or deaths, information-sharing events, art-bike parades and more.

Our Mission:
To demonstrate that cycling is fun, liberating, empowering, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.


  • Join the SHIFT listserve!
    Raise your awareness of what is happening in the bike community. Sign up for the SHIFT listserve. It's like a bulletin board of bike talk! Once subscribed, you have the option of receiving the list via email or not.
  • Volunteer!
    Shift events need your energy. Easy, short stints available at many fun events. Including...

    Breakfast on the Bridges is the last friday of every month.
    Present breakfast to bike commuters in an interesting way -
    on a bridge! Contact the ever chortling Bard of the Bridges, Timo.
  • Help us plan an event!
    Come to a SHIFT meeting: First Wednesday of the month (no meetings in June, however). See our calendar.